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george r r. martin


We've tried to provide a few of the more useful sites out there related to Alastair Reynolds and the 'Revelation Space' universe, as well as some capsule reviews for them. As with any series that's been completed, and published quite close together - there's not a whole lot of speculation out there. You can find a few more sites on our 'Alastair Reynolds' section on divination (our web directory), and submit any we might have missed.


without a doubt the most comprehensive 'Ice and Fire' site on the internet, Westeros is an attractive site that manages to do everything at once, and do it well. Westeros is actually divided into a few sections. The 'Blood of Dragons' section deals with a MUSH that's currently under construction, and looks very promising. Over at the 'Ring of Ice and Fire', you can find a nice listing of ASOIAF related sites, or at least those which qualify to join the webring. The main domain section has the latest news about GRRM, and it's updated constantly.

The meat of the site is in 'The Citadel', a section which contains a truly staggering amount of information. A few of its features include the titanic 'Concordance', which contains information on pretty well anything that's related to the world of 'Ice and Fire', complete with page references. The 'Heraldry' section is not to be missed, as it includes the coat of arms of each house, as well as all known information. There's also a 'So Spake Martin' section, which has an exhaustive listing of every interview he's done, letter he's answered, and convention he's attended. In addition, there's also a listing of prophecies, an art gallery, and a few other sections still under construction.

Westeros is an essential resource for any 'Ice and Fire' fan, and should not be missed. Make this your first stop. It's especially great for fans who haven't finished the series, as spoilers are clearly marked. Westeros is the internet's preeminent tribute to 'A Song of Ice and Fire', and it's only set to get better from here.

blood of ice and fire

An invaluable research resource, for those of you so inclined, and a great place to refresh one's memory for the rest of you. 'Blood of Ice and Fire' provides an impressive character database. Not only is it searchable, you can browse by house (including genealogies), as well as set spoiler levels, in case you haven't finished the series yet. (what are you waiting for?) The site is excellent at deducing dates, and also provides a handful of timelines which help order events quite nicely.

Althought the database covers 95% of the characters, the information isn't as comprehensive as we might have liked. Nevertheless, the groundwork has been laid, and 'Blood of Ice and Fire' has an excellent backend, and shows a lot of promise.


george r. r. martin's offical website

George R. R. Martin loves his fans, and his website displays that perfectly. Updated frequently, the author takes the time to fill us in on the progress of the latest book, as well as share what he's reading. Don't believe any release dates for 'A Feast for Crows' until Martin himself says it's done.

The website also offers sample chapters from the forthcoming book, which is a great way to ease the suffering of ASOIAF withdrawal. In addition, you can view cover art from his works, order a T-Shirt with the heraldry of your favourite house, browse through a faq, order books, and keep up to date with the latest news. Martin makes the effort to keep us abreast of the latest developments, and it's greatly appreciated!


'A Song of Ice and Fire' EZBoard forums

Administered by Westeros, the ASOIAF EZBoard forums are far and away the most active ones on the internet. With almost 20000 visits daily and well over 3000 registered members, this is the heart of ASOIAF discussion on the web. The amount of posts is simply staggering (over a quarter of a million, AFTER pruning!) and the content is unquestionably excellent.

The sheer volume of posts can be overwhelming to new users, and sometimes it's hard to keep track of things with all the traffic, but the friendliness of the posters - as well as the quality of their posts - more than compensates. EZBoard regulars were kind enough to post their thoughts on prospective interview questions for this feature, and we can't thank them enough.

dragonsworn inspiration

Admittedly, our ASOIAF traffic is several orders of magnitude less than that of the EZBoard Forums, but we still enjoy a good discussion. It's not our intent to compete with the undisputed king, but provide a more intimate atmosphere. Our forums focus on ASOIF, as well as the 'Wheel of Time', in addition to general discussion on books, movies, music, games, and more.

inspiration is a forum for sf/f/h fans, as well the entire dragonsworn staff, and our group of sites. Not only can you get updates on evolution (our main site, where you are now), exhibition (our very successful sf/f/h art gallery), and divination, (our newly created web directory), you can also have a say about how they should be run. With 900 users, we're always looking to add more friendly people. So drop in, post a few messages, maybe even suggest which author should be the focus of our next feature. We look forward to seeing you.