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amok's art

Amok is easily one of the internet's most recognized 'A Song of Ice and Fire' artists. With well over 50 achingly vivid character portraits and several scenes and landscapes, his artwork is a perfect companion to a perfect series. This is only a small sampling of his excellent portfolio, which includes numerous pieces for aSoIaF Collectible Card Games, (not shown here). Be sure to visit his website at to marvel at his complete collection, and speak to the arist himself.

the gallery
the battle at king's landing
loras tyrell
cersei lannister
jon snow
theon greyjoy
the godswood
daenarys targaryen
oberyn martell
jorah mormont
catelyn stark
a final note

Don't forget to visit to look at the rest of Amok's impressive portfolio. All aSoIaF related images, including thumbnails, are copryright 2002-2004 Amok. Please don't use them without his express permission.