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alastair reynolds


We've tried to provide a few of the more useful sites out there related to Alastair Reynolds and the 'Revelation Space' universe, as well as some capsule reviews for them. As with any series that's been completed, and published quite close together - there's not a whole lot of speculation out there. You can find a few more sites on our 'Alastair Reynolds' section on divination (our web directory), and submit any we might have missed.

alastair reynolds' offical website

The official site offers a great source of information, direct from the author himself. Now that's what we call service!. Be sure to browse through the interesting 'Frequently Asked Questions' list (which luckily includes answers), and the compilation of online interviews conducted with Mr. Reynolds through the years. There are also some recently updated news tidbits, information on his forthcoming work, a biography, and a small gallery.

Of further interest is an informative essay by Mr. Reynolds concerning the subdivision of science-fiction into genres, and whether such classifications are still valid. In addition, he also provides a pretty impressive list of links to science fiction authors.


'A Spy in Europa' @ Infinityplus

First appearing in Interzone, Infinityplus has made this excellent short story available online. Taking place in the same world as 'Revelation Space', 'A Spy in Europa' narrates the story of Marius Vargovic, an agent of Gilgamesh Isis, based on a jovian moon. He's actually an accomplished spy on a mission to infilitrate the competing Demarchy based on Europa.

As with any Reynolds story, nothing is as it seems. This is a good introduction to his style of writing, with the same flavour of his larger books in around seven thousand words. Very interesting reading.


'Spirey and the Queen' @ Infinityplus

Like 'Europa', 'Spirey and the Queen' first appeared in Interzone, and the excellent reprint website Infinityplus has made it available for internet readers. Taking place in a wholly original world, Reynolds explores intepretations and possibilities of life and evolution, and humanity's capability for deception.

An engaging read, 'Spirey and the Queen' offers plenty of original ideas and some thought-provoking themes. A little longer than 'A Spy in Europa', 'Spirey' is still easy reading and runs just over ten thousand words.


dragonsworn inspiration

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