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[DGN] You've managed to publish one pretty hefty novel every year, for the last few years. Is this a pace you think you can maintain?

[AR] Probably not (laughs). I'm in two minds about big books. I write big books, but I also write really short stories as well. I try and write across the whole spectrum of length. I think for 'Revelation Space' and the books that followed it it was the right choice to go for a large canvas and cram as much into it as possible. I genuinely had no idea 'Revelation Space' was such a long book when I wrote it. I did it on a typewriter for my first draft.


[DGN] An actual typewriter?

[AR] Yeah. A manual typewriter (laughs). So there was no word count facility. I had a rough idea it was more than a hundred thousand words but no idea how long it really was. Then I typed it into an Apple Mac, but I did it chapter-by-chapter with each chapter being a separate document. So, again, I didn't have an easy way of figuring out how long it was. When we finally composited the whole thing and put it into a single document it was two hundred and forty thousand words. Just enormously longer than I had ever imagined. That wasn't my conscious desire to sit down and type a quarter of a million words.


[DGN] That was just the length of the story you had to tell.

[AR] Yeah, it just worked out that way.


[DGN] Thanks very much for your time Mr. Reynolds, it's been a pleasure speaking to you.

[AR] Anytime.


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